About Our Center


Who has a health, has also a hope and who has a hope – has everything!

It is so great to get up early in the morning, to look out of the window and say “hello” to a new day even if it’s raining or a street is full of snow! We all know that a good physical condition creates a vivacity of spirit which brings a new wave of life to our organism. Health outweighs all other key factors of life so much, that knowingly speaking a healthy beggar is much happier than a sick king. Why people aspiring to keep health don’t protect it? The usual answer is: “No time!”. Involuntarily you come up to the idea that a person who had no time to take care of his health reminds the handicraftsman who has no time to whet his cutters.
In fact the only thing is necessary is to come into a good sports club, to choose a desirable training and attend them several times in a week! After a while you will notice that your back is bent better, you don’t have headaches at the mornings, you mood is great and you wait the beginning of the next training and a meeting with new friends. And what is more important there is no thing which can irritate you, because you became a healthy and beautiful person!

About our center

Our center operates more than 12 years, and we  have our loyal customers and even fans.
Our distinctive feature is our special approach to every client and our skills to create a warm environment what is today so crucial for every person. We are proud of the trainers who are young as they are, but they are professionals of their affair. Everyone continue his study and try to diversify trainings putting in their soul, as well as all the newest and interesting. The most important in our common cause is to love people and to love our work. We tries to take a life in an optimistic way and what is more important to “infect” this optimism to our clients.

In other words we are happy, when you are smiling!


Please note that more precise and up-to-date information is available in Latvian and Russian language only. Sorry for any inconvinience. Please contact us if you have any questions.